Red Wolf

My first commercial video game is now available on the Android Google Play Store, and you can see an advertisement on my YouTube Channel. This game is inspired by the fairy-tale of Little Red Riding Hood. It revises the story through the eyes of a farmer named Crimson who is trying to protect his cows, sheep, and chicken.

Will Crimson hear the call to protect his animals?

Will he rush foolishly into battle, ignore the plight of his animals and go back to sleep, or visit the local town of Wolfville?

There are 27 endings to this game, and upon completion, you can replay the game to see each of the memorials to Crimson’s possible lives in the cemetery of the possible.

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Horizons of Thought Limited

Welcome to Horizons of Thought Limited. We are an education and entertainment company dedicated to discussion of public policy and providing original video games. You can find our YouTube channel here. We tell you more about our YouTube offerings here. You can sponsor our YouTube content here.

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