About Horizons of Thought

Horizons of Thought is a video channel devoted to discussing the diversity of views and opinions people have on just about any topic imaginable.  By exposing my viewers to the diverse human experience of history, the world, and our own lives, I seek to encourage resilience of thought, critical reasoning, and tolerance among my viewers. 

This approach to understanding the world is not easy, nor is it safe and comfortable.  It will sometimes frustrate and always require an open mind.  But it is invaluable to learn to listen to those you don’t like much.  It can give you a chance to truly learn and grow.  And the longer you do it, the more fun you will realize it can be to truly engage, and even make friends with, people you disagree with.

My goal is nothing less than to bring tolerance, civility, and engagement to the art of free speech and debate.

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